Twenty Eight

Bright Pink Birthday Peonies

Recently, I celebrated 28 journeys around the sun.

Even though our society doesn't seem to value getting older, I find myself enjoying the process more and more. I feel excited to be another year older. With each passing year of my twenties I have found more peace and ownership of my imperfections, more clarity with what I want in life, fuller intention in my everyday actions, more protection of my time. I even feel more prepared to take on the uncertainty of the future, and the in betweenness of getting where i want to be. It is widely believed in the practice of yoga that we never arrive, but we are always moving through something; I've been trying to remember this in particularly impatient times. 

Life is certainly not getting any easier, but I'm finding more and more ways to find joy in each day.

I've been trying to distill my life down to only the things that are in service of my goals and values, and eliminating anything that takes energy away from that. I think it' s in our nature to feel the impulse to hang on to things out of habit, so it can be a challenge to work against this, but I've been treating it as an ongoing practice. 

My hope is that the next year will be filled with good friends, meaningful connections, fulfilling projects, more volunteer work and bike rides and yoga, good books and lots of travels. It's exciting to start 28 living in a new city; it has been such a joy to explore this place and to make it home. 

How do you feel about getting older? Are you enjoying the process?

Bryna Shields