Things Are Changing and It's Good

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Things have generally been feeling great lately - I've been feeling productive and more importantly, I've gotten to a point where I can see how much my work and vision has developed over the last 2-3 years. There is a stronger sense of who I want to be as a designer and creator, and a heightened sense of optimism that hasn't always been there. My etsy shop is slowly but surely picking up business, and with each new order comes a huge sense of accomplishment and excitement - along with a stronger drive to improve my work even more and create new things. It is the most challenged - and happy - I have felt in a while, and I hope to keep up the pace. The most exciting and satisfying thing about this career path is that every day is something new and eye-opening. There is always something to learn and new opportunities to grow. There are certainly days where inspiration simply does not come, but I'm slowly learning how to make the best use of those too. But all of the successes and failures are mine, and that feels great In the coming weeks I'll be reaching out to others who inspire me in hopes of creating some great new work for this blog. I'm so grateful for the mountains of support and feedback from friends and family, who undoubtedly play a huge role in helping me get here.

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