Ten Dollar Fonts. Yes, Please.

When you combine designers from around the world with the ease of online commerce, the result is an awesome collaboration like Ten Dollar Fonts. My typophile heart be still! There's something for everyone here - display fonts, elegant serifs, and some fun editorial and avant-garde choices too. For ten bones! That's nothin'. The variety is almost as pleasing as the fact that there's always a surprise waiting for you on this site. So many times, I'll be scrolling through all these fonts and think "Oh, they did that with letters?" It is truly amazing what people will create. There's nothing quite like a great art deco inspired font to inspire a cool fashion spread. Designed by Marcel Blijleven.

Zondag, by Jacopo Severitano, who has a pretty kickass portfolio. Laudanum is one of my favorites on the site, and juuuust might appear in a new project I'm working on. I especially enjoy the special characters included in this one. Designed by Carl  Rylatt, who also has some cool posters here.