Recent Work / Andy & Nicolette's Wedding

andy and nicolette wedding kiss july 2012

It has been a while since I last wrote about Andy and Nicolette's wedding, but I wanted to make sure I shared some of the other images I shot from their gorgeous wedding. I was so inspired by Nicolette's patience and calmness throughout the entire day, despite the fact that it started raining 10 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start! But alas, the rain cleared up, the ceremony was beautiful and the rest of the day was full of celebration, deep love, and adorable surprises that made me tear up a bit. It is  always inspiring to see a couple so genuinely in love with each other.

bridesmaids getting ready
nicolette and andy's mother before ceremony
nicolette wedding bouquet
andy and nicolette wedding rings and lego stand

How awesome is this ring stand they made for the ring bearer? Andy and Nicolette did such a great job of incorporating fun, handmade details throughout the day, which made it so much more personal.

wedding pontiac