Monday Moodboard / Wild and Free

Setting the tone for this week are striking color combinations, wild typography and glorious imperfection. All of the work I've been drawn to lately has been a healthy mixture of these three elements. I've been working on lots of new surface patterns and illustrations, trying to find my voice as I take my work in this direction. It's refreshing and a little scary all at once, to pursue something completely unfamiliar and unexpected. I never thought this is where I'd want to take my career and yet, here I am. It will be interesting to see where life will be a year from now. What's setting the tone for your week?

From left to right: 1) Rene Gruau | 2) Love Life by Stina Persson | 3) Gouache painting by BlackParrot | 4) Starburst Lettering by Nate Williams | 5) Trippin Bag by Nate Williams | 6) Les Enfents de la Bolduc by Philippe Cossette

P.S. Here's more of what's inspiring me here.

Brynamonday moodboard