Keep It to a Minimum

So, I've been thinking a lot about simplicity lately and earlier last week I decided to experiment with more minimal compositions in my photos and even some of my design sketches. I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone with regards to design and photography by experimenting with different techniques, and studying lots and lots of other work. Occasionally I read about how you should create a recognizable style for yourself, but this idea is so limiting. It's so easy to rely on your default instincts when you approach your work, but what if you tried something completely not you? It's the only way I've seen my work grow. And besides, I don't want to predict what my work will be like in the coming five, ten, twenty years, it's all part of the excitement of the process. My drama teacher in high school always used to tell us to throw out our first idea, and I've tried to embrace that ever since. It's much harder this way, but also much more rewarding. Without being attached or in love with just one idea, it gives you the power to choose.

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