I Heart Eames

So, winter is one of those times when I catch up on all my documentaries and TV shows, mostly because it's the one time of year I don't feel guilty about staying inside. Well, I recently came across Eames: The Architect and the Painter, with which I am now completely enamored. I imagine I'll be watching this over and over... and over.

The movie talks about the career of Charles and Ray Eames and while I've known about them for a long time, there is so much I didn't know about their work! And their studio? It's a dream. They created such a whimsical, playful world through their films, paintings, photographs, and everything else they touched. It was truly magical to peek into their studio and see beautiful metal letters on the wall, and row upon row on books amongst a bunch of people, each working on something different.

It got me thinking a lot about working with a significant other. I've got friends who say never in a million years would they work with their partner, and others who seem to flourish in this kind of relationship. Mark and I have dabbled in small photo assignments here and there together, and next weekend we'll be shooting our first big gig: a wedding! It was inspiring to see in this documentary that Charles and Ray seemed to complement each other's vision, and in their case made the work they did that much stronger, and is certainly the exception to the rule that you shouldn't mix work and your personal life. Highly recommend you watch this instantly! Plus, if you enjoy James Franco's voice, he's the narrator :)