Phew! It's been quite a while since I posted in this space. To be honest, this past spring I was feeling pretty burned out and creatively empty. In part it was because I lacked the focus necessary to move forward with the direction I wanted to take my business. One of the things I'm learning to embrace is the ebb and flow of creativity, and how to handle the times when it's not flowing. Luckily my recent travels to Portugal, Spain, Boston and New York CIty (more on that later this week) were just what I needed to refuel my creative energy and get the ball rolling again. It feels pretty great to be writing here in my new, refreshed space. It finally feels like home around here. The new design of my website symbolizes how solid I feel in the direction of my business and my voice, and I'm looking forward to developing this space into a place of creativity and dialogue about the world of art, freelance business, and life lessons along the way. So! Welcome to my new space - I hope you make yourself right at home.


Photo from my instagram feed.