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I'm really excited to introduce this new column to the blog. The idea came to me unexpectedly while I was reading about a Danish photographer, Ditte Isager. Of course the majority of the article is about her work, but she also briefly talks about Danish culture.

It never really occurred to me that there really is a tendency to meet friends somewhere other than the home, especially living in the city. Of course when you live in a place that boasts delicious food on nearly every corner, it seems the obvious choice over inviting some friends over to try my homemade pizza. But then again, there are so many benefits to bringing friends home with you: not worrying about how to split the bill (it's comical how long it takes my friends and I to figure this out), it's cheaper, and best of all it's more relaxing. Looking back, some of my best memories with friends are when we prepare breakfast burritos together, or when I have friends over for dinner and drinks. It just feels cozier and more intimate, inviting others into your home. Plus, there's the added benefit of having to keep your home presentable! As I come into my mid-twenties (eek!) I've been thinking a lot more about how I want my home to feel, and it always comes back to a focus on entertaining guests (and making the transition into "grown up" furniture, ha!) It's something I want to embrace more in life.

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