dancing martin munkacsi photograph Have you guys seen the documentary Happy? I found it on Netflix and decided to check it out - I highly recommend it! They present different life experiences and couple it with research by scientists in an engaging way. Certainly happiness is something that almost everyone thinks about on a regular basis - just look at all the books and movies and research centered around it!

The movie sparked some inspiration as I continue to grow and develop this blog with content that I feel proud of, that's relatable. As I begin a new chapter in my life with this yoga teacher certification program, I'm excited by all the possibilities of being able to help others in their personal journeys, whatever that may mean for an individual.

So why not bring this new aspect to the blog?

Let's talk about happiness! It would be great to hear everyone's perspective on the matter. Where I've found happiness is often in the little moments that catch you by surprise, the ones you never expect. It isn't always easy, but as I strive to be more present in the moment, reveling in the little things really helps you focus and perspective. And besides, the little everyday things happen a whole lot more than the big "milestone" moments.

So with all that, I'm trying a new column about appreciating the little things, and I hope you really enjoy it. I would love to hear what makes you happy in your everyday life, so please feel free to reach out. I want to hear your stories, what you appreciate in life, what makes you smile.

Image by Martin Munkacsi.