From Detroit with Love

Walking through Detroit can at times feel like moving through a time machine. The streets are lined with art deco and hand painted shop signs, the architecture feels like being in a midcentury movie. Whenever I tell people how much I enjoy traveling to Detroit, I'm often met with rolling eyes or confused expressions. Detroit is not without its problems, but past the abandoned buildings and stretches of destruction there lies so much potential to rebuild. Small businesses are popping up in this city, which is very encouraging to see. Optimism and opportunity are a necessary, powerful combination. It's easy to feel optimistic in a place with less obvious problems; it's much harder to look past all that to find optimism amongst what is seemingly a grim situation. When I look at Detroit, I cannot help but see potential, and feel inspired by a community of people who refuse to give up on this city.

These are some of the images I captured while I was there over Christmas vacation. I wish I had taken more, but it was quite the whirlwind trip. Every day was gorgeous until the day I left, when a blizzard came in, but it's always fun to photograph those, too.