Five Things to Rock Your Week

Simple, small ways to make your week more enjoyable.

1. Add some more color to your life! I recently added some bright red skinny jeans to my closet and it feels so refreshing! A new, bold piece can really make you see the rest of your clothing in a new light without having to buy a million different pieces. And color can do so much for your mood and outlook.

2. Try a new exercise or workout routine. Because hey, it's so easy to get stuck in a workout rut. I'm looking forward to trying kickboxing for the first time! Would you ever try this Cirque du Soleil inspired workout?

3. Take a book out of the library. Remember those? I love wandering through a library and just picking books at random. There's nothing to lose, it's free!

4. Clean out your closet. There are lots of studies about this that say the less cluttered your space is, the less stressed out you will be. After moving twice in 4 months, I'm working on decluttering my whole life. It's not a simple task, but I know it's worth it. This article gives a really great starting point for how to go about decluttering your life. This article is also great at breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable tasks.

5. Take a walk on your lunch break. I spend a lot of time running around at work, and never really sit down a whole lot. Lunch time is usually my only opportunity to sit and do nothing but the other day I decided to go for a walk instead of sitting around. I felt super energized for the second half of my day!

(Image via Juxtapoz)