Featured in Design Milk

So this is a little late coming, but I still wanted to mention it on here (since this blog is becoming a record of my life as a freelancer). A few months ago I was honored to have a piece of mine featured on Design Milk, which is a kick ass blog featuring all kinds of delicious, well-designed (duh) goodies. This was my first time being featured on a major blog, and it was a huge learn for me as I continue to elevate my business. It has been a goal for a while now to send out more press releases about my work, in the hopes of opening the doors to new opportunities. And despite knowing how beneficial this is to a thriving business, I still felt crippled with fear. The thoughts that I should update my portfolio, or be better prepared to handle potential client questions (this, I think, will always feel intimidating), or my office should be more organized. Lots of excuses that arise from a deeper fear. I fretted over sending this piece to Design Milk for a few weeks before I actually did it. I sent a short and sweet email, hoped for the best but assumed that I wouldn't hear back. And you know what? I found out the very next day that it would be featured on the blog.

Now, I know that this kind of wonderful, immediate response is not always going to happen, and that I am not always going to have pieces featured, but it was a great reminder that you just have to start. The excuses and fear will always be there, but I am learning to push past those things, so that my business can continue to (hopefully) grow and thrive and so that I can grow too! I just wanted to share this with you because it felt great to push past the fear and I hope perhaps you can find it in you to do the same in achieving your own goals.

You can read the full blog post on Design Milk here.

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