Currently Reading / Coco Chanel: The Legend, The Life

So, I totally judge a book by its cover. As a designer, can you really blame me? It has actually opened me up to books I wouldn't have known about before, so contrary to popular belief, judging a book by its cover ain't all that bad, folks.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this fascinating biography on Coco Chanel while looking for one of my yoga books for class. I'm not that far in, but what I have read I love! Over the last year or so, I'm really interested in biographies and non-fictional work and I've always wanted to learn more about Coco Chanel's glamorous life. And would you look at that cover? Simple and perfect - I can't resist a good fashion illustration.

What's on your reading list? Do you have a particular style you lean toward? I would love to know!

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