Changing Up the Process

paper cut process bryna shields

Happy Monday friends! Things have been crazy over here as I finalize plans for my big move, but I am still carving out pockets here and there for artworking when I can. I start to feel a little incomplete if I go too long without some sort of creative activity.

For a while now I have been looking to rejuvenate my creative process. Most of my illustration work starts out hand drawn and then the rest ends up on the computer, which can be lengthy. While I don't hate it, I would also like to incorporate more analog time into my work where i can. It is so refreshing to add something unfamiliar to your routine - I've found it opens the door for new possibilities and happy accidents. So, the other night I started playing with papercuts, and it was just the change I was seeking. I hadn't anticipated there would be as much potential in the scraps as there was in the planned parts. It has been a great boost, and I can't wait to play more.

Have you tried anything new in your creative process recently? I'd love to hear!

Paper cut process 2.jpg