Five Things: Blizzard Brunch

Yesterday there was a blizzard and it was the perfect opportunity to walk to the restaurant around the corner for some brunch - the most delicious brunch I've had in a while. We sat for a few hours in the half empty restaurant, watching the storm outside happening and enjoying the simplicity of togetherness. It was great. So, for this week's Five Things, I illustrated my favorite parts of the meal. Happy Monday, friends!

Five Things: Party Time

In the midst of winter, I'm starting to feel rather antsy, and am craving a dapper little shindig with a handful of dear friends. Is there anything you're craving these days, when the winter weather sets in?

Cat Party

Party Cats by Bryna Shields

Every night lately, my cats get up in the middle of the night and run around my little apartment like crazy. I like to imagine they're just having a little cat party for themselves in the late hours, and that they're not trying to be little jerks. It must be nice to be a party cat, playing all night and sleeping all day.

I've been experimenting with some new illustration techniques, and I'm pretty excited about the results! More to come. But for now, you can enjoy party cats.