Bright and New | 2014

Happy New Year Type by Bryna Shields
Happy New Year Type by Bryna Shields

Happy New Year friends! Although I think that every day is an opportunity to make changes in life, I still love the feeling of starting fresh in a new year. 2013 threw a lot of crazy things my way, but ultimately I'm walking into this new year feeling ready to take on whatever this crazy world offers me. I've never felt more like myself, or more sure of the direction I'm headed. No resolutions in particular this year, just hopes of exciting creative challenges, lots of adventures, collaborations, new clients, a deeper yoga practice, more reading and quiet moments, more teaching, less time on my phone and most importantly, less time worrying.

May your year be full of the highs and lows that make us all human. New friendships and a closer familiarity and love for yourself. Deeper connection. May it be full of mistakes, experiments, and of course happy accidents. Delicious new recipes and timeless classics. And most importantly, I hope it is filled with the energy needed to pursue your wildest fancies!


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