Bold vs. Delicate

Isn't it interesting how two similar color palettes can have vastly different results? What a wonderful reminder of how exciting design can be - we have so much power in our hands to influence how others see things. I was having a discussion with another designer last week about how we redesign our own branding materials all the time - it's like we can't just leave it alone! We laughed about this phenomenon that seems to plague many designers, but I think it's a good thing. It stems out of a desire to grow, improve, to always be better. It sometimes feels like a constant battle with yourself, but ultimately this is the greatest gift that design bestows upon us - a never-ending journey of discovery and challenge. There is always something new to learn.

The reason I initially decided to take my first graphic design class in college was because I thought it would be cool to design CD album covers (ha!) At 20 years old, that was a good enough reason for me. Obviously, I'm not doing much of that these days, but I'm glad I took that class, because after that I was hooked, and it lead me to change my concentration completely. Isn't it funny how the weird logic of your younger days actually leads you to the best things later on in life? Learning design has been one of the greatest gifts in my life - it has taught me so much about what is important to keep around, and what is not. Hierarchy. And the power of simplicity. And get to the point. Eliminate the superfluous. And color! Oh, color. Do not ever be afraid of color, my friends.

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