Adventures in Portugal and Spain (Part 2)

After marveling at the rolling beauty of Portugal, we hopped on a plane to Barcelona. It was quite a change from the quaint feeling the Portugal streets offered, as Barcelona is a more metropolitan setting, a gridded & orderly set of streets peppered with the energy of moving traffic and pedestrians.

The most striking part of this city for me was the unusual architecture, as well as the variety. We biked through the streets, learned the stories of Gaudi's work, his life and tragic death, we ate delicious tapas and walked through little winding alleys.

Veggie Garden was a delicious vegetarian restaurant we stumbled upon by accident, and I'm sure glad we did. The place is covered wall to wall in colorful paintings and the food was great!

Wandering through the Boqueria in Barcelona was packed and crazy and colorful and lively. Any type of food/spice/meat/seafood you could imagine was there. It was a little overwhelming with all the people crowding the market, but I reveled in the energy beaming around every corner, and the smells of fresh, sweet fruit.

The end of this whirlwind trip was bittersweet, but as always I walked away from my travels with renewed energy, and uncovered some new truths about myself - what I want and where I want to take my life from here. Travel is all at once exhausting and rejuvenating and I cannot wait to plan more adventures around this crazy world.