A Toast.

Happy 2013, friends. Cheers to new beginnings, a clean slate. Here's to friends in other cities, states, countries. To living today. To taking risks with your head and your heart. To being enough. To the hope of new adventures and beautiful challenges. To all the moments that destroy us and those that give us the strength to rebuild. To travel. To treasures. To the unexpected. To that perfect morning light and happy accidents. To hello and good bye and forever and never again. To all the ordinary moments we forget to appreciate, and those that change our lives forever. To first dates and breakups. And to dancing. Always dancing.

I don't have any grand resolutions this year. I'd just like to focus on being more present, and intentional with my actions. If I can do that, I think it'll be a pretty fantastic year.

(Photo by Vivian Maier)

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