5 Things to Rock Your Week

I'm bringing Monday back! In an effort to ditch those Monday blahs, I'm starting a new column to encourage the celebration of this fine day. I like Mondays, they always remind me to do something refreshing. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture, but introducing small new things to your week can feel so great. So without further delay, here are 5 things to rock your week.

1. Get a tattoo! Tattly provides a great selection of super fun temporary tattoos by an array of talented designers. I would either rock this or this.

2. Search for a new blog to follow. One of my new favorites is Letters of Note, a collection of fascinating notes/correspondence.

3. Consider living slow. Check out this article about slowing down, and how our perception of time affects how we spend it. As I get ready to start yoga teacher training in the Fall, this is something I've been reading a lot more about recently.

4. Call an old friend. No matter what, this always makes me feel refreshed, and reminds me that I have some wonderful people in my life, all over the country, that I can still count on despite distance.

5. Try a new recipe. My new favorite thing to make is this avocado egg salad. It's delicious and healthy!