4 Ways I Use Evernote for Freelancing and Life

Oh, Evernote. I don't know what I ever did without you in my life. Before you, ideas were scrawled on scraps of paper and I had nowhere to keep track of delicious recipes I wanted to try! Today, I thought I'd share some of the ways I've used this versatile app to stay on track with all my various freelance and life projects.

1. To Compartmentalize My Life As a freelancer, your responsibilities can range from social media guru, to accountant, designer, blogger and photographer - all before lunchtime. In this way, Evernote has really helped me to compartmentalize all the different aspects of my business (and personal life) so I can keep my thoughts and ideas organized. The way the app is structured allows for a lot of freedom, so you can organize it in any way that makes sense to you. I keep separate notebooks for each project I'm working on, and from there each note details a more specific aspect of those projects. For someone who has so many different things to focus on, it's really helpful to have everything separated this way.

2. To Flesh Out Blog Post Ideas Often I'll have an idea for a new blog post or even a new series that needs some space and time to develop, and this is where Evernote has saved me! It's the perfect place to get my ideas down and come back to them when I'm ready to go deeper, or add some related articles, questions or images to the note.

3. As a Place for My Paperwork Contracts, policies, descriptions of services and products all have a place on my Evernote account as an extra backup. Plus, I can always access my paperwork in a pinch. When you spend so much time perfecting these elements of your business, it's important to have them in a safe place, yes?

4. To Save Interesting Articles As you can tell, I love sharing articles on twitter and here. It used to be that I would see an article and email it to myself... it would get buried by the end of the day only to be completely forgotten and - worst of all - unshared! So now it's easy to keep them in one place for when I'm ready to organize them and share.

Lastly, it's free and syncs to all your devices so you can reference things on the go! It has truly changed the way I approach my creative process, especially when I don't have a sketchbook on hand (although that isn't often).

This post is the first in a series about freelance tools and how I use them in my business.