Illustrator and Surface Designer Bryna Shields

Prospective Clients

Let's work together! I am available for commissions & collaborations. You can also license work from my pattern library. Please reach out via my Contact Form to discuss your project!

Selected Press

Pattern Observer { 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 } | Coco + Kelley | Today Show | Soma Water Interview | Print & Pattern: Nature | Design Milk


My art practice includes explorations in multiple disciplines: surface pattern, illustration, weaving, collage, photography and painting. Working with different tools and materials helps me integrate a better understanding of each discipline.

I’ve forged a full time living as an artist in various forms for almost 10 years - in that time I’ve solidified my expertise as a surface pattern designer, working for brands including Crate & Barrel, Jamberry, Fred Meyer/Kroger and PicCollage. In all of my artistic pursuits, I aim to create work that is bold & unapologetic, inspired by my surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, and exploring ideas about human connection & belonging, body image, and nature.


In 2018 I started a passion project called #patternmagicparty as a way to connect to other surface pattern designers, exploring new techniques and subject matter together. I’m inspired by how different people can interpret the same prompt, and has been a fun challenge in learning how to develop dynamic assignments for others. I also enjoy the idea of creation within a community setting, and this project has given me a delightful peek into the mindset of other artists.

Outside of making art, I spend my time hiking, rock climbing, going on road trips, dancing and traveling.

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