Protect Your Magic


I stumbled upon this little piece of graffiti while wandering around Brooklyn last summer and while the message resonated with me, I'm also trying to decide what exactly I think it means. In the first place, it can be hard to pinpoint what it is within us that is "magic" - though I truly believe every person has it. In the second place, that magic transforms and morphs as we grow and experience and travel through life. So how might you protect something you can't exactly pinpoint about yourself? I think the answer begins with learning to trust ourselves, to tune into our inner voice, our instinct. It can be really easy to fall out of this habit, in our world full of how-to articles and blogs, self help books, life coaches. It can be really easy to assume that we ourselves must not have the answer, but someone or something else. And of course there is a balance. It's important to reach out to others for guidance and perspective. But ultimately it comes down to learning to use our instinct to distill our actions and decisions to the things that serve our sense of purpose.

Photo from my instagram.

Vignettes: Belly Laughing

The other night I was washing dishes, scraping dried nacho cheese off of a plate after a day of snacking and laying around with my closest friends. In the other room my friends were vacillating between giggles and belly laughs, filling my tiny studio apartment with their sound. My heart swelled with gratitude and happiness for this little moment; it feels full and rich. I savor the immense joy in these little moments, and I fight the urge to try to hold onto it. They're leaving in the morning, and my apartment will go back to being a quiet dwelling. It's such a simple pleasure, hearing the people you love laughing. It's one of my favorite things in the whole world. Although this moment is fleeting, there is comfort in knowing these moments can and will happen again.