It's Time to Get Things Started So, can we discuss for a minute how much I love any video OK Go touches? They are always coming up with awesome, whimsical and imaginative music videos - always refreshing. If you haven't seen any of their other videos before, I highly recommend you do so immediately (I'll wait). Just thought it might brighten your day, especially as winter really starts to set in. This is also likely to be the first in a weekly video series - there are a lot of great ones out there!

Skwerl You guys, this short film is so cool! It's in fake English, so there isn't any actual dialogue the way we traditionally hear it. What I find so fascinating is how you can still get a strong sense of a story without concrete words, which sparks wonderful new thoughts in the imagination.

I work with a lot of international customers at my current job, some of whom speak close to zero English. It has always made me wonder how English sounds to a non-English speaker. This seems to be the closest thing to it which also brings me to wonder - how the heck did they figure out how to do that in this film? It's funny how different a language can sound once you learn to speak it, and then reflect back on what it used to sound like to you. The evolution and history of language has always fascinated me, and if I weren't pursuing a life of design, I think I would spend my days geeking out on just that.

Anyhow, I'd love to hear your reactions to the film!