Love You a Latte

Love You a Latte lettering by Bryna Shields

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to illustrate... so many fun elements to play with: candy, hearts flowers and plenty of hot pink! What more could a designer gal ask for? I hope you're spending it with someone you love a whole lot... romantically or otherwise. I've got a few more goodies up my sleeve this week, stay tuned!

A Valentine

With all of the recent transitions I've been going through lately with my career as well as my personal life, I am forever grateful for all the incredible amount of love and support that is present in my life. I hope you all can say the same - Happy Valentine's Day. Let's celebrate love in all of its forms, today and always.

Happy Heart Day

So, I have never ever really been one to get too into Valentine's Day. When I was a kid of course I loved picking out the little cards that I would hand out to classmates but as I got older that excitement died down. This year, I wanted to bring that excitement back. So I made these little cards, (which were really just an excuse for me to make colorful things, which is my favorite) and handed them out to my coworkers. They were a pleasant little surprise. Valentine's Day should be about celebrating all the love you have in your life, not just from a significant other. I hope you have lots of love, today and every day.