A Little Light Summer Reading

Now that summer is pretty much here (despite Chicago's insistence on 50 degree weather) I'm excited to sit outside at a park with a giant cup of coffee and read. And read. And read. Lately I've been obsessed with immersing myself in books on type, modernism and the history of graphic design. I thought I'd share some of the things I'm reading, in case you'd like to nerd out too.

Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography by Denise Bosler. Aside from the gorgeous design of this book, it is a really in depth look into all aspects of type - from the history, to anatomy of a letter, parapgraphs and layout. Logo, Font & Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga This book provides some examples of lettering/logos and examines why they do or don't work. There also lots of different kinds of logos for inspiration.

New Modernist Type by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson This book is great because it provides a lot of great examples of type combined with image. This book is less instructional than the other two, but is a great resource for looking for new ways to use type.

Take the Leap

I am about to make a big transition in my life. In so many ways, I'm unprepared. So often we're told to be fully prepared before making major decisions -plan for your future, save your money, wait for the right time. The last few weeks have been pretty exciting and unexpected and have lead me to this: I quit my day job. If you remember, this was one of my 2013 wishes, but to be perfectly honest, I didn't think it would happen this soon, if at all. In my mind, I'd make the leap into freelancing once I had a stack of money saved up, and perhaps a few more steady clients under my belt for added security. But as recent circumstances unraveled, it became apparent to me that I had to make a choice, fast. I am a chronic overdoer, and it's really hard for me to take a step back from anything. I'm passionate about so many things, enamored with so many ideas, and I want to do them all, and often I'm delusional enough to think I can. However, I was really starting to push my limits and my mental capacity was suffering: simple things like cutting an apple felt too complicated, and that's when I knew it was time to make some changes.

The thing is, there's never a perfect time to start anything, and that couldn't be truer than now. This economy makes the world a scary place, but I also think it's liberating. It's natural to cling to this idea of stability during these times, and hold onto what we think is safest. But experience tells me that no job is safe or stable, no matter how successful the company is. That is why there is no better time to dig your heels into the ground and create your dream job or pursue whatever it is you love most. Certainly there is the possibility for failure, but there is also opportunity for incredible growth, and the life you want.

If there is a hunger inside of you, feed it with what you love.

So, with that, my dreams of being a full time freelancer have come true, and I still have not fully processed that fact yet. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely terrified, but I sure as hell am ready. Here goes!

Ten Dollar Fonts. Yes, Please.

When you combine designers from around the world with the ease of online commerce, the result is an awesome collaboration like Ten Dollar Fonts. My typophile heart be still! There's something for everyone here - display fonts, elegant serifs, and some fun editorial and avant-garde choices too. For ten bones! That's nothin'. The variety is almost as pleasing as the fact that there's always a surprise waiting for you on this site. So many times, I'll be scrolling through all these fonts and think "Oh, they did that with letters?" It is truly amazing what people will create. There's nothing quite like a great art deco inspired font to inspire a cool fashion spread. Designed by Marcel Blijleven.

Zondag, by Jacopo Severitano, who has a pretty kickass portfolio. Laudanum is one of my favorites on the site, and juuuust might appear in a new project I'm working on. I especially enjoy the special characters included in this one. Designed by Carl  Rylatt, who also has some cool posters here.

A Little Gift from House Industries

As part of a new branding strategy for my freelance work, I finally purchased Neutraface (which I have been wanting for so, so long!) which included the most delightful package full of gorgeous typographic goodies from House Industries! Totally made my day, and I had to share some of it with you.

house industries book

These little booklets are filled with colorful layouts and playful type - it's perfect timing for some inspiration as I'm delving into the daunting task of building my brand. Thank you for all the lovely inspiration, House Industries!