Get Curvy

This week, I'm really digging hand-rendered type and luscious, curvy forms. And the words that go along with it aren't too bad either. That first poster makes me uber happy, and I'm seriously resisting the urge to make a purchase. You can find the first print by Enormous Champion here.

And the second one is by Drew Melton and you can find it here.

Ready for Takeoff

I really, really love airports. Maybe not the long lines at security checkpoints. But the rest of it, there's a certain energy throughout the airport that's the perfect mix of fast-paced and hopeful somehow. It's maybe even a little romantic. People in transition, moving away or toward something old or new - a new experience, a family, a job. Being at an airport  reminds you of endless possibility. And then there's that moment, just before the plane is about to take off, a moment of pure calm. That's why I love these airport runway posters so much! You can find them here.

Florence and Pattern

florence and patterned fabric Don't you just love the flowy fabric in this image? So much grace and gorgeousness. I've got lots of ideas for fun flowy inspired photo shoots that will hopefully happen in the near future.

Also, stay tuned for some new exciting things in the next few days (hence the light posting, but not for long!)

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Wanted / Lab Partners

Have you heard of Lab Partners? Pretty much everything about them rocks. Their website is soooo well done, and it's clear that they put a lot of thought into it. I mean, just look at that front page animation. These letterpressed prints have my heart's undivided attention. As I'm in the middle of overhauling my apartment, and finally putting serious thought into every room, these prints would be perfect sittin' pretty over my dresser. They're part of a series called "Hunt and Gather" inspired by treasures found at flea markets. Le sigh, it's always uplifting to see great work being put into the world. Prints, you will be mine one of these days!

Admiring / Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co products What can I say about Rifle Paper Co.? Everything in their shop is simply a visual delight. It makes you feel like you're in a fantasy land filled with pretty flowers, delicious fruits and glamorous Parisian women, all the time. The lighthearted nature of their vast array of products from notepads, to stationery and wedding invitations is a reminder to revel in the small details all around you. Above are just a small handful of my current favorites from them. What are yours?

Wishlisted / Textile Prints

textile prints by erica bech As I start to think about how I want to make my home cozy and more personal, I know I want to bring in lots of patterns and color. I've always been drawn to bright colors my whole life and recently have added a strong love of pattern into the mix. When I saw these textiles by Erica Bech, I fell in love! They're so playful and I love the purples and blues together, as well as the strong geometric themes. And I also loooooove the simple way she photographed them. Check out more of her work, which is just as playful and interesting. I especially love her Man on the Moon pieces.