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Life Lately January 14 2013 | High Fives for Everyone  

One of the reasons I adore Instagram so much is because - as a photographer - it allows me to see on an overall scale what I'm subconsciously attracted to when I'm not on a specific assignment. Photography has always been a way for me to find the extraordinary in the everyday, in the little details that often go overlooked. That is always the challenge (and the blessing), to find something beautiful and exciting every single day; whether it's the way the light hits a scene, or a beautiful combination of colors or, if you're exceptionally lucky, a moment where everything lines up just how you'd hoped. As I try to reconnect with photography, one of the things I've been focusing on is finding ways to see my surroundings in a new light, rather than waiting for rare extraordinary moments; I can only hope I find more ways to make that happen! There is always something exhilarating about that moment of recognition.

Of course I still find myself obsessed with the sky, especially while flying, but I've also managed to find those happy moments just outside my bedroom window (like in the first photo above).

Looking at these photos, I realize how wonderful the last few weeks have been, celebrating unexpected moments - and golden light, which I can never resist. Cheers to building a new vision!

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The Return

california dreaming

It has been quite a while hasn't it? In all honesty I needed some time to evaluate where I wanted this blog to go, and just my business in general. It has been so exciting and empowering to have full control of the direction of my career as I venture into freelance life, but it is also quite overwhelming at times. There have been so many decisions I did not anticipate needing to contemplate. But despite the stress and occasional panic (ok, more than occasional), it is still the best adventure I've ever chosen.

As part of my business soul-searching, I traveled out west for the first time ever, exploring Los Angeles with a friend who used to live there. Being in California felt dreamy and inspiring and unlocked my mind, which had been feeling cloudy for a few months. I always find it fascinating how refreshed your mind feels from being in an unfamiliar place. The designer in me swooned at all of the gorgeous type found on signage, while the photographer in me went wild over the landscapes and golden sunlight.

los angeles5
los angeles5
los angeles4
los angeles4

I was surprised at how hard I fell in love with this city - with all of the beautiful plants, the architecture, the art, the ocean, the mountains - it's hard to walk away feeling anything but a little romantic and daydreamy.  

Florence and Pattern

florence and patterned fabric Don't you just love the flowy fabric in this image? So much grace and gorgeousness. I've got lots of ideas for fun flowy inspired photo shoots that will hopefully happen in the near future.

Also, stay tuned for some new exciting things in the next few days (hence the light posting, but not for long!)

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A Little Dose of Architecture

architecture in chicago house of blues and hancock tower Chicago is known for its vast amount of beautiful architecture, and I thought I'd share some of my recent Instagrams from around town. That first one is at the House of Blues downtown, which is a really cool, intimate venue to see a show. And obviously the details inside are gorgeous, but you've got to see it for yourself.

Ok, so this is actually from Evanston, just north of Chicago, but I'm totally in love with this sculpture! The whole piece is actually two people balancing on either end of this beam on top of the building.

bryna and mark at chicago public library
It's hard to tell, but this photo was taken at a wedding inside the Chicago Public Library downtown. You really ought to check it out, especially the top floor.

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Preview / Andy & Nicolette's Wedding

  Here's a little preview of the wedding Mark and I photographed this past weekend. Andy and Nicolette's wedding was such a delight; there were so many well-thought out details that made it so much fun to photograph. Despite the rain just before the ceremony (which promptly cleared up), everything turned out wonderfully, and by the end of the ceremony the sun was out and left us with some gorgeous golden light to play with. Congratulations you two, it was such an honor to be a part of your incredible day. More to come soon!

Keep It to a Minimum

So, I've been thinking a lot about simplicity lately and earlier last week I decided to experiment with more minimal compositions in my photos and even some of my design sketches. I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone with regards to design and photography by experimenting with different techniques, and studying lots and lots of other work. Occasionally I read about how you should create a recognizable style for yourself, but this idea is so limiting. It's so easy to rely on your default instincts when you approach your work, but what if you tried something completely not you? It's the only way I've seen my work grow. And besides, I don't want to predict what my work will be like in the coming five, ten, twenty years, it's all part of the excitement of the process. My drama teacher in high school always used to tell us to throw out our first idea, and I've tried to embrace that ever since. It's much harder this way, but also much more rewarding. Without being attached or in love with just one idea, it gives you the power to choose.

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