Preview / Andy & Nicolette's Wedding

  Here's a little preview of the wedding Mark and I photographed this past weekend. Andy and Nicolette's wedding was such a delight; there were so many well-thought out details that made it so much fun to photograph. Despite the rain just before the ceremony (which promptly cleared up), everything turned out wonderfully, and by the end of the ceremony the sun was out and left us with some gorgeous golden light to play with. Congratulations you two, it was such an honor to be a part of your incredible day. More to come soon!

Engagement Shoot: Andy & Nicolette

So, a few weeks ago, Mark and I photographed engagement shoots early on a brisk Sunday morning. It was so much fun wandering around downtown Chicago looking for places to shoot: we mostly stuck around the Art Institute. Did you know they have absolutely gorgeous gardens on either side of the museum? It's probably one of my favorite places to go in the whole city. We had such a great time photographing Andy and Nicolette because they were so natural and giggly with each other; I love seeing couples like that. You can tell they really really love each other, and we can't wait to photograph their wedding in July!

So Lovey

Everyone deserves someone who makes them feel this lovey and mushy. Also, I am now overcome with the desire to sift through some found vintage photos at some antique store.

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2 Whole Years

Two years ago, I went on the best first date of my life. It was the kind where it took us forever to decide what to order off the menu because we couldn't stop our conversation long enough to look down at our choices. The kind where you get that dopey lovestruck look in your eyes. I cannot believe how quickly two years has gone by, but how it feels like we've been together much longer than that. Thank you for supporting me through all of my endeavors... I'm just a little braver with you next to me.

Happy Heart Day

So, I have never ever really been one to get too into Valentine's Day. When I was a kid of course I loved picking out the little cards that I would hand out to classmates but as I got older that excitement died down. This year, I wanted to bring that excitement back. So I made these little cards, (which were really just an excuse for me to make colorful things, which is my favorite) and handed them out to my coworkers. They were a pleasant little surprise. Valentine's Day should be about celebrating all the love you have in your life, not just from a significant other. I hope you have lots of love, today and every day.