Have Your Cake

Have Your Cake by Bryna ShieldsThat's right. Have your cake today, friends! Those are orders. Things will be changin' around these parts over the next few weeks, can't wait to show you. Happy Wednesday!

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Making Faces

Making Faces Day 2/365 by Bryna ShieldsmakingfacesThis year, I'm challenging myself to do a 365 project, creating a different face for every day of 2014. You can follow along with the project on Instagram with the hashtag #makingfaces - I'll also post a handful of them on here every now and then.

Admiring / Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co products What can I say about Rifle Paper Co.? Everything in their shop is simply a visual delight. It makes you feel like you're in a fantasy land filled with pretty flowers, delicious fruits and glamorous Parisian women, all the time. The lighthearted nature of their vast array of products from notepads, to stationery and wedding invitations is a reminder to revel in the small details all around you. Above are just a small handful of my current favorites from them. What are yours?

So So Beautiful

Have you guys seen Ekaterina Koroleva's work? It. is. gorgeous. There's such a raw quality about them, with a perfect mix of sketchy, rough lines and bold colors. This stuff makes me wanna bust out some pens and watercolors! Check out her work here and here!

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Make It Better

Well, it's been a bad day/week. And as much as I would like to hide under the covers for a while, I'm a big believer in pushing through rough times. Today that means looking for awesome inspiration in the form of bright colors and backless dresses. And maybe a little bit of youtube-ing silly cat videos.

New surprises are on the horizon!

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