Tidbits of Happiness

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Abt8aAB-Dr0 I love that little things can brighten up a person's day in an instant. The work and mission of Improv Everywhere is to create situations that bring people together, and often make people smile in the meantime. Charlie Todd discussed how he got started with it all in this fascinating talk, and I've been enamored ever since. We need more ideas like this in the world. As Todd says, "There's no right or wrong way to play."

Thanks, World!

I'd like to thank the world for the following things in my life this week:

1. New, healthy and delicious recipes, like this one. (Actually, I'm thankful for that whole blog)

2. Getting back into yoga.

3. Making dinners with my love.

4. Discovering cool new peeps to follow on Pinterest.

5. The existence of goat cheese.

Thanks, world! You rock.

Photo by Inge Morath