Five Things: Blizzard Brunch

Yesterday there was a blizzard and it was the perfect opportunity to walk to the restaurant around the corner for some brunch - the most delicious brunch I've had in a while. We sat for a few hours in the half empty restaurant, watching the storm outside happening and enjoying the simplicity of togetherness. It was great. So, for this week's Five Things, I illustrated my favorite parts of the meal. Happy Monday, friends!

The Best of Life

So, if you've been following along on this crazy journey, you may have noticed I'm steering my artistic direction toward illustration and surface pattern design. It has been so much fun exploring this new area of design, and I've started this side project as a way to explore my vision while expressing my appreciation for the simple things in my life. It's so easy for us to overlook the little things that make day-to-day living feel great, especially when adult life can feel like such a drag sometimes. Anyway, if you're curious, you can follow along here to embrace life's little pleasures along with me!

Something New

Despite my affinity for junk food, I generally do not have much of a sweet tooth. But, I am still attracted to desserts for their visual appeal, and something about all this icky cold weather makes me want to celebrate how pretty desserts can be.