2014 Experiments

I am a firm believer that experimentation leads to great things, particularly when it comes to creative endeavors. This year, among other things, I plan on getting back into collage - the endless potential in found images is exciting. I love the idea of creating new connections from completely unrelated media. When I look at others' collage work, it is always so fascinating to see what wild images people create. The possibility for new worlds, characters, landscapes, they can transport us into gorgeous unfamiliarity.

Come Together

Aren't these collages rad?? When I was in high school, I was totally obsessed with making them. I would  collage all my binders, and even made one for the inside of my locker (that one took a while). Some people looked at me like I was crazy (and I was, a little) and some would compliment, but either way they often started a conversation. That is the thing that makes art in any form so great. And now looking

back, they're a great way to spark your imagination, you can put images together that don't have obvious connections and give them a whole new meaning. There is always potential for something unexpected to emerge. Now I've got all kinds of ideas for new projects!

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