Admiring / Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co products What can I say about Rifle Paper Co.? Everything in their shop is simply a visual delight. It makes you feel like you're in a fantasy land filled with pretty flowers, delicious fruits and glamorous Parisian women, all the time. The lighthearted nature of their vast array of products from notepads, to stationery and wedding invitations is a reminder to revel in the small details all around you. Above are just a small handful of my current favorites from them. What are yours?

I Have a Crush On

Well, I just have to go out an admit it: from the moment I laid eyes on The Hungry Workshop's work, I was instantly crushing on them. It started out with the discovery of their aerograms, and I thought 'Oh, those colors! And that pattern! Together as one, how wonderful!' And then when I saw their other work and well, I was in love. These guys rock, check 'em out for yourself. There is so much letterpress goodness going on, I almost can't handle it. But alas, let's celebrate great work and the fact that it's Monday!