Ocean and Sky

Last week I traveled home to Boston for a few days in search of clarity and direction. It was a much-needed excursion, despite running around all day every day (which tends to happen when you visit home, I've found). Every time I travel I remember how much I love the simplicity it offers: away from all the possessions, the chores, the incessant wave of incoming junk mail, everything from your daily life at home. Somehow being out of your element offers an unparalleled clarity. I returned to Chicago feeling refreshed and focused. Every time I go home I try to make at least one trip to the ocean. There is something so equalizing about standing in front of this grand, powerful body of water. My father and I walked along the shore, listening to the waves, letting our feet sink into the sand, occasionally collecting shells and rocks along the way. Afterwards we ate crunchy fried fish in a small restaurant on the water and I felt nothing but gratitude for the beautiful place where I got to grow up. I live for these simple moments.

Wingaersheek Beach

Photographs / Thanksgiving

When I went home for Thanksgiving, the weather was so perfect and I spent a lot of time outside. Living in the city makes you appreciate the outdoors even more - I realized that I'd started to forget how wonderful it feels to just exist in nature. You start to forget about all the stars and sunsets and quietness and freshness. It felt like I had new eyes almost. I took a lot of time to reflect while walking around Walden Pond, enjoyed good conversations with my parents, caught up with old friends,  and breathed. Deeply.

Trot Trot to Boston

A few weeks ago I traveled home to Boston after almost a year of being away. It was my Mom's birthday and my father and I planned a last minute surprise for her, which we totally pulled off! It was really great to be home and just relax. We enjoyed some time on the ocean for brunch, which is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world.

I love the simplicity of the idea behind Instagram - connecting photography to social media in a simple format. It's great to see people from all around the world sharing little tidbits of their lives, or even seeing companies incorporating it into their marketing structure. Isn't it fascinating how many different ways we can use the same social media platform for different purposes?

Since I'm constantly searching for ways to market my freelance business in fun and unique ways, I did a little research and discovered this awesome, crowd sourced music video that The Vaccines created using Instagram photos from their fans. What a great way for fans to feel connected to an artist they admire, to actually be included in one of their music videos. It's really refreshing to see examples of social media being used in a meaningful way - it has certainly evolved from reading about what everyone had for lunch. While I think social media can be a slippery slope, there are so many wonderful ways to learn about the world because of it.

This is the start of a weekly series featuring highlights from my own instagram feed, my own little tidbits. Enjoy!

P.S. Another interesting take on the app.