Love You a Latte

Love You a Latte lettering by Bryna Shields

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays to illustrate... so many fun elements to play with: candy, hearts flowers and plenty of hot pink! What more could a designer gal ask for? I hope you're spending it with someone you love a whole lot... romantically or otherwise. I've got a few more goodies up my sleeve this week, stay tuned!

Let's Get Funky!

Happy Monday, friends! I have a good feeling about this week, do you? Let's kick off the week with a fun little animation. If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize this guy from a sketch I did a few months ago - it's an idea I think I'll continue, these dancing type dudes. Let's dance through this week in style, shall we?

Featured in Design Milk

So this is a little late coming, but I still wanted to mention it on here (since this blog is becoming a record of my life as a freelancer). A few months ago I was honored to have a piece of mine featured on Design Milk, which is a kick ass blog featuring all kinds of delicious, well-designed (duh) goodies. This was my first time being featured on a major blog, and it was a huge learn for me as I continue to elevate my business. It has been a goal for a while now to send out more press releases about my work, in the hopes of opening the doors to new opportunities. And despite knowing how beneficial this is to a thriving business, I still felt crippled with fear. The thoughts that I should update my portfolio, or be better prepared to handle potential client questions (this, I think, will always feel intimidating), or my office should be more organized. Lots of excuses that arise from a deeper fear. I fretted over sending this piece to Design Milk for a few weeks before I actually did it. I sent a short and sweet email, hoped for the best but assumed that I wouldn't hear back. And you know what? I found out the very next day that it would be featured on the blog.

Now, I know that this kind of wonderful, immediate response is not always going to happen, and that I am not always going to have pieces featured, but it was a great reminder that you just have to start. The excuses and fear will always be there, but I am learning to push past those things, so that my business can continue to (hopefully) grow and thrive and so that I can grow too! I just wanted to share this with you because it felt great to push past the fear and I hope perhaps you can find it in you to do the same in achieving your own goals.

You can read the full blog post on Design Milk here.

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Let's Do This

This has been my motto these days. I fully believe in jumping into everything with enthusiasm and a full heart. P.S. Here is the (very) loose sketch I based this off of, in case you're curious.

26 to 26 | C

26 to 26 Project | C by Bryna Shields
26 to 26 Project | C by Bryna Shields

C, for Confidence. Confidence in my work and value as an artist is something I have always struggled with. It means the confidence to get your work out there, and the confidence to take the heat if your idea falls flat on its face. In the art world, that's always a possibility. As I shift into my late 20s, I've noticed how much more confident I feel in the decisions I make. There's a sureness present that hasn't always been there. Even when I'm not totally sure I'm making the right decision, that confidence always pushes me to do it anyway, to see what happens. It's been pretty liberating to feel ok taking so many risks, but it's only because I can trust myself to figure it out if things go awry. These days, I'm more comfortable to try a different course. You can't always set your heart on something, you just have to be fluid in your choices, and be ready to leap into a new direction at a moments' notice.

26 to 26 | B

26 to 26 Project | B
26 to 26 Project | B

B, for beginnings.

There have been quite a lot of new beginnings in my life over the last year. The most notable and exciting being the beginning of my life as a full time freelancer. With that has come the beginning of a lot of new projects, a new vision for my work, and a higher standard to hold myself to. I love new beginnings, even though often that means having to let go of something in its place. I love the anticipation of possibility, the process of building out a new idea, and of course all that daydreaming that sneaks into your head when something new comes into your life. The career I've been dreaming of for years now is just really beginning, and I cannot wait to see what's next.

26 to 26 / A

Today marks 26 days until my 26th birthday, and it felt like the perfect excuse to start a quick lettering project. So, for the next 26 days I will use different techniques and materials to create every letter of the alphabet, along with a short written reflection from the last year to go along with it. So...

A, for aspirations. There are so many things I've wanted to pursue over the last few years that sometimes I feel like I cannot keep up with myself. It's not very conducive to following through with projects or ideas, and it's tough because I am genuinely interested in so many different pursuits. But in the last year I've really felt a shift within myself, a stronger effort to narrow things down, and focus my efforts on just a few things. This newfound focus feels great, and while I'm still fighting that instinct to do a million things, I definitely feel like I'm headed in the right direction. I've realized that it's great to have a lot of aspirations, but it's crucial to narrow things down so that some of them have the potential to come true. Saying no can be just as powerful as saying yes.