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Lincoln Park Conservatory | Chicago, IL

The Lincoln Park Conservatory is a little gem along the lake in a beautiful part of the city. It's a nice little escape from all the buildings and skyscrapers, though those are of course enjoyable in their own right. The conservatory offers a more serene setting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, a great place to go with a friend or alone, just to think. Outside of the conservatory is a large field with a great view of Chicago's skyline, perfect for a picnic or some meditation. And the best part is it's free, and close to the zoo and a cute little landscaped lily pond which I discovered happily by accident on my way. Definitely worth a trip if you haven't already been there.


Alapash Chicago, IL

When you walk into Alapash, you may feel overcome with the irresistible urge to purchase everything in sight, simply because everything is so beautifully and artfully arranged. And when you meet Marco, the shop owner, you may never want to leave. What's most wonderful about this shop is that Marco enjoys collaborating with a variety of artists, giving it an even more authentic feel. Everything in here seems to have a story, and these pieces are versatile enough to fit into a number of different styles. If you're in the Chicago area, you ought to stop by!

Around Chicago / Architectural Artifacts

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Last weekend was the Ravenswood ArtWalk, so Mark and I took the opportunity to explore  our neighborhood a little more. The area has a great arts community, but ever since we moved to this area of the city, we haven't seen all it has to offer arts-wise. Anyway, we decided to venture to Architectural Artifacts, which houses all kinds of beautiful objects ranging from letterpress type, to giant old signs, mannequins and light fixtures. Every corner was a total surprise, which is what made it so fun! I especially enjoyed all the interesting old type I found on packaging from years and years ago.

Architectural Artifacts, 4325 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL