Illustrator and Surface Designer Bryna Shields


My art practice includes explorations in multiple disciplines: surface pattern, illustration, weaving, collage, photography and painting. Working with different tools and materials helps me integrate a better understanding of each discipline.

I’ve forged a full time living as an artist in various forms for almost 10 years - in that time I’ve solidified my expertise as a surface pattern designer, working for brands including Crate & Barrel, Jamberry, Fred Meyer/Kroger and PicCollage. In all of my artistic pursuits, I aim to create work that is bold & unapologetic, inspired by my surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, and exploring ideas about human connection & belonging, body image, and nature.

As my art practice grows over the years, my sketchbook and art has become a record of the gratitude I feel for my surroundings and experiences; a source of comfort in the midst of difficult emotions, a path to find optimism through darkness.

In 2018 I started a passion project called #patternmagicparty as a way to connect to other surface pattern designers, exploring new techniques and subject matter together. I’m inspired by how different people can interpret the same prompt, and has been a fun challenge in learning how to develop dynamic assignments for others. I also enjoy the idea of creation within a community setting, and this project has given me a delightful peek into the mindset of other artists.

Outside of making art, I spend my time hiking, rock climbing, going on road trips, dancing and traveling.

Let's be friends! You can follow my creative endeavors on Instagram, and Pinterest.


Prospective Clients

Let's work together! I am available for commissions & collaborations. You can also license work from my pattern library. Use the Contact form below so we can discuss your project.

Selected Press

Pattern Observer { 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 } | Coco + Kelley | Today Show | Soma Water Interview | Print & Pattern: Nature | Design Milk


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